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How concrete pressed pilings stack up

Concrete pressed (segmented) pilings are one of the most advanced, popular and affordable techniques for repairing foundations. When a home’s foundation has sunk, our crews essentially hoist the foundation up slowly and slide the pilings underneath to support and “lift” the foundation.

In our three-phase process, we dig the box where we’ll locate the pilings, break through the ground and dig access holes for power. Then we install the pilings one by one, allowing the structure’s weight to drive the piers into the ground. Depending upon how soft or firm the soil is, pilings can drive up to 24 feet or more into the ground. Once the pilings reach optimum depth, they’re capped between the driven piling and grade beam.

In the final step, the foundation is lifted in stages, bringing the lower portions level with the rest of the slab. The tops of the piles are shimmed, the holes are back-filled, concrete is patched and plants replanted.

We call the job complete only after the customer says it is.

If your home needs a new foundation in Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Tulsa, Corpus Christi from the Texas Panhandle through Oklahoma City contact us to learn about inspections, assessments and free estimates.


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